TAIKO FAQStoring and Handling

What kind of place should taiko be stored?

Airy and dry place is good for storing a taiko. You had better providesome precaution against mice and termites. If you keep it in a case, driershould be put in it to protect from moisture. On the contrary, the worstplace to store a taiko is wet, sunny, extremely hot, or extremely coldplace. Such places will harm the body and heads of taiko.

Oh, my god! My taiko got wet! What should I do?

First, you have to wipe up wet completely with a dry towel, and then, drythe taiko in the shade avoiding wet place. If the head still caves in moreobviously than before when you push it hard, the taiko need to be drieda little bit more.

Oops! My taiko's heads got mold !

If you store your taiko in a warm and humid storage, the heads tend tomold. You should displace it to well-ventilated place. In case a head alreadygot mold, you can remove it by rubbing with small-grit sandpaper (from800 to 1200). NEVER use detergent or bleach. They may cause tarnish andtransformation of the head, and what is worse, the strength of it may decline.

Do I have to cover my taiko with a case?

Using a taiko case helps you to carry your taiko more easily and safely,and also prevents it from being scratched. However, you should take yourtaiko out of the case when you store it for a long time and place it inwell-ventilated place. It's vital for the body of taiko to be exposed inthe fresh air regularly to maintain its best condition. Storing a taikoin a case for an extended long time will cause mold on the heads or cracksin the body. You need to put desiccants with your taiko in the case toprevent such things.

Can I substitute a blanket for a taiko case?

It's effective to protect your taiko from dusts and being scratched. However,a blanket easily gets wet and it may harm your taiko when you intend tostore it for a long time. You need to take the taiko out of the blanketand expose it in the fresh air regularly. Also, the blanket itself needsto be hung out under the sunshine sometimes.

Tell me how to carry a taiko safely.

Most of large taiko have iron rings called Kan at each side of a body. A large taiko should be carried by a pair of men holding the Kans. That way will reduce the risk of harming your body. Parental supervising will be necessary when little children carry a taiko, especially one larger than 1 shaku 6 sun, to avoid being injured. Dragging a taiko will cause its head scratches or tears. Laying and rolling a taiko will harm its body. A taiko case usually has handles and they may help you to carry a taiko more easily. When you carry a taiko by car or truck, fasten it tight not to tumble. If you don't have a taiko case, wrap a taiko with blankets while carrying by car.