What language will the lesson be in?

Japanese and simple English (Although most of the instructions are given in Japanese, most participants do not find it an issue since a lot can be communicated through body-language and mimicking.)

What will we do in class?

(This is a rough example) Normally we start with a simple stretch and learning about what taiko is made out of. Then move onto learning basic taiko movement and try hitting it right away!

Who can attend this class?

Anyone and everyone above 3 years old! You can come as a family, couple, friends and you can even come alone! It will be a great opportunity for you to meet other tourists too. Our instructors can manage a class with a wide age spread or multiple cultural backgrounds.

Who will be my instructor?

Taiko-Lab instructor (trained and certified by Taiko-Center) They are all experienced taiko players and most of them are part of performance groups that regularly perform at various events. They run regular taiko classes at our studios. They are all excited to share their passion with you!

What should I bring?

Come in ( or bring) clothes that you can exercise in! You will be sweating if you play the taiko right! You will also be asked to take your shoes and socks off for the class. We have a changing room so you may bring a change of clothes. We rent the taiko sticks for free for your lesson, but if you wish to use your own and take them home with you, we sell them at our store along with many other taikorelated items/souvenirs!