What do you want to know about Taiko?


"Taiko" is a Japanese word, which means a Japanese drumming style, a drum group, drum music and a drum itself. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes of taiko. They have developed through the long history of Japan along with various traditional art forms such as Noh, Kyo-gen, Nagauta, and Kabuki. The word "Wadaiko" especially refers to a taiko of Japanese origin. It is a compound word, which consists of "wa"(Japanese) and "daiko"(a suffix of the word "taiko"). The word "daiko" frequently appears in compound words regarding taiko such as Nagado -daiko or Shime-daiko, and it may confuse you. Remember that "daiko" is just a suffix and has the same meaning as "taiko" in fact. Now "Taiko" often refers to a "Kumi-Daiko" ensemble style, which has a relatively short history, created by some taiko groups in the 1950's such as Osuwa-daiko and Za Ondekoza.